Friday, March 9, 2018

How SJWs are messing up religious tolerance

While SJWs are not mentioned in this article, I will beg the common sense that obviously the school adminstration that did this correspondence and brought this about, are SJWs with very noble intentions about building inclusive spaces for people from all backgrounds.
An anti-bullying plan called for adding Muslim holidays to staff calendars

... Hanif gave pamphlets to students that advised Muslim youth to contact CAIR if they faced bullying, which according to CAIR includes "insulting comments about Islam."
... A lawsuit filed in May by the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund (FCDF) accused the school district of entangling itself with CAIR to set up a "subtle, discriminatory scheme that establishes Muslim students as the privileged religious group."

>> Think about the false negatives of such an anti-bullying program that specifically targets those speaking anything about Islam that can be taken offense to. A group of atheist-leaning students is sitting on a lawn, cracking jokes about various religious figures and traditions. Christianity get impaled. Hinduism gets fried. Buddhism gets poked. Jews get upnosed. And then in the same spirit. somebody cracks a joke about Islam. 

Some student passing by overhears this and co-incidentally is bearing a grudge against one of those students, and decides to report just the Islam joke. The whole group gets instantly dismissed from school, AND defamed in their community thanks to liberal media outlets catching and reporting the story as if it's some outbreak of right-wing hatred. Google their names and the whole story is there for all to see forever, meaning they'll never get admission or employment. 

SJWs genuinely believe that schools are the LAST places in the world to find anyone saying something dishonest or bearing grudges or cracking politically incorrect jokes. They also seem to genuinely believe that "forgiveness" doesn't exist, especially in matters of children, and that "justice" can be achieved in human society without ever having to bother about "forgiveness". 

Would you send your kid to a school where cracking a joke can ruin his entire life?

And for all the advocates of religious tolerance, how about a tolerant religion that is as unaffected by jokes about Islam as Christians are unaffected by jokes about Christianity? How about equal treatment of religions for a change?

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Commentary on workplace harassment and women's role in it

This commentary got provoked by this video:
Incredible dishonest cutting & editing of Jordan Petersons Vice interview -todoke, 2018-02-24

The content of the video is an interview of Jordan Peterson conducted by VICE news. They heavily edited the original interview, and the uploader has put in commendable effort to show us exactly what they edited out, with a direct before-after comparison.

My comment sprang from an assertion made by the interviewer, which in itself ran counter to his overall argument. And yes, my ending line IS a frustration point for me.

10:10 : "You know it when you see it" >> So you agree  that it is subjective. Now what if different people happen to "know" it at different times? What if the woman dressing and/or behaving provocatively in the workplace manages to fool herself into believing she isn't doing so but her colleagues think she does? If her right to "know it when I see it" is valid, why isn't anyone else's? Conversely, what if the woman is "feeling" that her colleague is desiring her but the thought has never crossed the colleague's mind? Don't women like being seen, like other people getting attracted to them? Doesn't a significant part of their self-worth assessment come from whether they got noticed that day? Haven't women confessed inasmuch in candid times? Isn't our culture and literature replete with that longing? What if a mistaken brush by the body is interpreted by this woman, who's on the lookout for confirming cues, as a confirmation that the colleague IS trying to get at her? Speaking of which, why do women even think that circumstantial physical contact is a viable tactic for men to wriggle their way into their pants, as opposed to a formal proposal for a date? Could it be because they have been complicit in that? [Addendum: Could it be because that's what THEY have been doing, are used to and hence expect it of others?] Could it be because they have been favouring men directly making physical contact and "wriggling in" at the "right opportunity" over and above men respectfully approaching and making a formal proposal?

Addendum: Do you want a harmonious workplace that's safe for both sexes instead of only one? Then imagine a world where women get turned OFF by men who deliberately touch them and try to wriggle their way into their pants. Imagine living in a world where immoral and opportunistic behaviour hasn't consistently been rewarded by women.

And.. here's another comment that came out after finishing watching the video:
Dear Feminsts and SJWs, Jordan Peterson's core argument is : WE DON'T KNOW enough yet to be able to slam ARBITRARY RULES with disastrous real life consequences in workplaces and campuses and dictate from on top what is and isn't sexual harassment. Your position is : You are CERTAIN that each and everything you deem to be harassment and microaggressions is exactly that, depending on only YOUR subjective perspectives. And you are demanding that each and every thing you have claimed be absolutely overturned, else each and every thing you have claimed is absolutely true. You have taken an all-or-nothing extremist stance whereas rational dialogue is all about rejecting the all-or-nothing stance and getting into nuance and specifics. If you don't budge from your extremist stances, you're going to end up with nothing. Workplaces will STOP HIRING WOMEN, period. This is how you will accomplish White Sharia : an absolute division of society along gender lines.

And another:

The top-down application of ruthless laws that have the potential of destroying the lives of innocents, versus allowing society room and time to reason its way through the complex situation [and the rules stick to basics where there IS consensus]. Straight-jacketing versus evolution. That's what this culture war is about, that's what the resistance to militant feminism is about. It's not about legitimizing oppression of females as the SJWs are putting it.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

We need to confront weed pushers like we needed to confront smoking pushers

This twitter post and thread pretty much describes my problem with people on the pro-weed side. It started as a movement against state intrusion into people's lives. Upon reaching critical mass and public acceptance, It's turning into an excuse for more intrusion into people's lives. If smoking pot doesn't make you less of an intrusionist then perhaps its not truly helping you.

Have we considered the possibility that psychoactive herbs may influence momentary feelings, help creative expression, help deal with some toxins, but aren't supposed to be credited with making people better human beings overall? Use your toolbox, don't worship it.

Rethinking series: The things we're doing in the name of Social Justice


Starting this thread on Social Justice off with a video chronicling live cases of what top-down institutions are already doing under the excuse of respecting people's feelings. For many in India, this may look like it's a whole world away, yet try to see these incidents after bouncing them off a mental mirror. 

To me the most frightening part of these cases is : The opposites look terrifyingly identical. I ran and ran away from the one monster I so despised, only to slam face-first into its twin.

Why Are You Even Here You Dirty Statist? Lauren Southern at Anarchapulco 2017 -Anarchapulco, 2017-11-04

PS: Not offended yet? Check out more posts from my Rethinking series

Friday, February 23, 2018

Rethinking series : Feminism, Masculinity, Patriarchy

Holy crap, It's me again ;)

I'd like to invite you to a story.
Imagine that your whole life as a child you had to live inside the jaws of a monster.
Then when you came of age, you peeked outside and saw a much better world.
You got out and got as far away from that monster as you could.
Your focus was now on making sure you avoid / push back that monster come what may.
But you didn't notice there were other monsters around too.
Because you had experienced only one, you assumed that there was only one monster in the entire world. Or maybe you just haven't given it much thought yet.
And while doing your best to avoid the one monster you really, really want to keep away because you know it, 
You don't notice that you're stepping into the jaws of another monster.

What happens when a binary mindset collides with a multi-layered perspective of reality?

This BBC Channel 4 interview of Jordan Peterson by TV journalist Cathy Newman kind of broke the internet recently. 
Having personally experienced and also acted in the phenomenon of wholly misrepresenting something by "so you're saying that  ________ <insert the worst thing you can possibly imagine>", I totally loved it.

Jordan Peterson debate on the gender pay gap, campus protests and postmodernism -Channel 4 News, 2018-01-16
(30 mins)

By the end of the interview, the links between the gender battles and liberty-authoritarian face-offs just come tumbling out.

And in the middle he does a "jab dil pe lagegi, tabhi toh baat banegi" moment too which brings home the importance of freedom of speech especially when we don't approve of the speech.

Here's an NVC-types lady talking about the interview, linking it to feminism and dialogue. Bit weird but made a lot of great points:

A Psychologist and a Former Channel 4 Producer Discuss Cathy Newman -PhilosophyInsights, 2018-02-04
(11 mins)

One phrase from this that stuck in my mind:
"Blind projection of rage"

Side-track: It ties in loosely to my problem with leaderless movements.

One more video, a follow-up interview of Peterson, talking about the first interview:

Cathy Newman Thought She Won The Debate -H3 Podcast Highlights, 2018-02-03
(i frankly disagree with the title; the content is about more than that)

PS: When it says "Rethinking", that's what it means.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Stable Government

The meaning of stable government

You are getting screwed by the system : overcharges by utility, refused pension, property document not given, road, water connection not happening, scholarship fund never came, subsidy not being released, reimbursements not coming, bank account got emptied, trees getting chopped for no reason, whatever. You go to various offices with your issue:

Local corporator(s): Go f**k yourself
MLA: Go f**k yourself
MP: Go f**k yourself
Police: Go f**k yourself
Courts: Pay our lawyers all your money, spend decades and then go f**k yourself.
NGOs: Did we tell you to vote those assholes into power? Go f**k yourself.
RTI: Apellate authority seats are lying vacant! Go f**k yourself.
Jan Lokpal : Doesn't exist because you didn't care. Go f**k yourself.
Mohalla Sabha: Doesn't exist because you thought a GREAT leader at the top was the magic bullet for all problems. Go f**k yourself.
PM's citizens portal : There's a billion of you. What did you expect other than a 1:1billion lottery system? Go f**k yourself.

That's STABLE government. It's MONOPOLY, re-branded. What you wish for and what's advertised may be any other thing, but this is what it boils down to. Stable government = monopoly.
So, apni life toh dubaa di screensaver se impress hokar. Do you want your children also to live under a "stable" government? Or would you prefer a stable citizen's democracy that must, by definition, mean unstable, competition-based political uncertainty.

Unstable government = Stable democracy.
Dimaag ladao, Desh bachao.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Just heard of the term today, in a series that did amazing explanations on the money system. I've only started to watch these, but thought of sharing the links.
The Crypto Revolution (Bitcoin Documentary) & Hashgraph - Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 8 -GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney), 2017-12-18
What is HashGraph and is it replacing Blockchain? Programmer explains. -Ivan on Tech, 2018-01-05

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Why linking Aadhar with Voter Id will not prevent voter fraud but increase it

The aadhar database has lakhs of fakes and repeat-enrollments. Everyone from terrorists to mythical figures have aadhar numbers. It's impossible to audit to weed out all fakes, as the probability maths of fingerprints means that at any time some % or so of all the fingerprints will come up as identical even if they belong to different people. The more the number of people in the pool, the more the faux matches. If you tighten up the probability parameters, that leads to the same person's fingerprints on different days not matching with each other and renders biometric identification impossible. This probability complication makes Singapore (a city-state) much better placed to use biometrics than India (a sub-continent).

At the time of enrollment, there is NO WAY for the UIDAI to reject a new Aadhar enrollment on the grounds of the fingerprints being repeats, because of the same probability mathematics mentioned above. You cannot reject 10,000 genuine citizens for the sake of keeping one fake out.

Filtering down by area or name etc is useless as fake voters are by definition people who are from other areas and are giving fake names. It is highly likely that career vote frauds will have several different aadhar numbers made for themselves from different places with different addresses. Some vote frauds will probably boast in their resume about having one aadhar number registered in every constituency by now. But the probabilistic mathematics of biometrics mixes the fakes in with a crowd of genuine people. You cannot delete 10,000 genuine voters off the voter rolls in the drive to remove one fake voter.

Aadhar FACILITATES voter fraud. 

Q: So how then to prevent voter fraud?
A: A far better way of voter authentication (or even pension or PDS for that matter) is to organize ward level public meetings (or even MLA constituency level can do: after all your MLA is supposed to know every society or chawl in your area!) and weed out the duplicates through tapping into localized collective knowledge. Your local shopkeeper deposing in front of a crowd and being recorded on camera will give a much more reliable list of real voters and real beneficiaries in the area than any aadhar database.

It's simple. Use your people's brains, not their fingers, to secure your nation.

Of course, technocrats who have a deep-seated hatred for everybody and are irrationally biased towards techno toys will hate the real solution. I challenge their assumption that they're smart : I think they're dumber than the average person.

Dimaag ladao, desh bachao.

Proof that Aadhar biometrics-based authentication CAN be hacked : ration shop caught using digital duplicates
2 Surat ration shop owners held for biometric security breach
Traders buy biometric data for Rs 15,000, run scam; held

"The Titanic is Unsinkable", they said.

Simple technical reality : one has to send fingerprints or iris scans or whatever over to UIDAI in some digital format, and even UIDAI needs to store them at their end in some digital format. And that can be archived and duplicated anytime. Digital tech was invented FOR ease of duplication and transmission. So to keep things authentic there is like tilting a bottle downwards and praying the water doesn't spill out. It's because of this that passwords and 4-digit pin codes are considered more secure than biometrics : you can keep changing your password if you suspect it was duplicated at last use.

Combine this with the fact that ALL biometrics (including iris!) change over time and drop out of the probability tolerance window (change being much faster for youngsters and seniors), and if you widen the tolerance window then many other people's fingerprint/iris can be accepted as yours, and we'll soon have a situation where only the archived digital fingerprint copy will match and the real fingers won't.. so senior citizens esp will have to pay bribes to crooks to get their pensions etc. (by the way because of cataracts and other ageing effects, iris recognition simply can't be used on senior citizens)

My solution? Screw centralization of authentication. It was an inferior technology to begin with : a red herring that set us on a wild goose chase. Give the local residents committee (as practiced by Hiware Bazar nr Nasik, see the TED talks) the responsibility of authentication, still keeping it all digital and properly logged (like your netbanking logs your a/c withdrawals) but keeping the crucial yes/no decision decentralized to the local people's body. Or at least decentralize it to the MP or MLA level if nothing else. If they do fraud then they only will suffer by losing out collective quotas (and a smaller bucket makes the missing water more visible) and votes in next election, so there's an automatic incentive for honesty. Whereas centralized systems with large pools incentivize frauds.. kaun notice karega. Decentralized systems is what even Bitcoin runs on. The only "disadvantage" there is that anonymous babus sitting in Delhi won't have a huge database in hand to sell off to exploiters and foreign intelligence agencies.

And here's a challenge for those desperately seeking to dismiss this as a one-off : If a small ration shop can pull this off, what makes you think a Saudi-funded terrorist organisation can't? What makes you think a CIA-backed foreign agent can't? Remember that several of the companies and suppliers to whom handling this biometric data was contracted out to, have foreign connections and many of the companies whose fingerprint reading devices were bought have also worked with US intelligence agencies. You know from the Snowden leaks that US intelligence agencies have back door access to several privately owned companies' systems that they make lucrative deals with, and the same goes for Chinese made devices, which is why even our Army bans soldiers from using many China-made mobiles in sensitive areas. What makes you think NONE of them bothered to keep a digital copy of the valuable-as-gold data that passed through their systems? What makes you think a criminal gang making black political donations can't pull this off? Kidhar gaya tera nationalism? Do you not care about your country? Where does your loyalty lie : to India or to Aadhar?

Saturday, January 20, 2018

My thoughts on increasing taxes on electricity and petrol for promoting sustainability

This is regarding a statement I saw in a survey where we had to agree or disagree:

"I would oppose policies that increase taxes on electricity and petrol because they make them more expensive for me."

I felt the part "because they make them more expensive for me" disabled me from agreeing or disagreeing, because now the statement assumes there can only be one reason for opposing such policies : that if I don't support them then it is automatically assumed I am selfish.

I'd like to explain my thoughts on it here.

The original purpose of taxation, when invented, was to fund the various governmental mechanisms needed to ensure smooth functioning of society. Example: transport, law and order, public infrastructure, education, healthcare services. The purpose of taxation was not to discourage use of said service. Tariffs and duties were used, of course for that.

At a macro level, there are many arguments against increasing taxation, saying that money collected by force only ends to doing harm, that the people collecting more taxes don't really have our best interests in mind, that forcing people into something increases the likelihood that they will act to damage it.

Even while keeping all the ills of capitalism in mind, Socialist policies of infinite government expansion haven't been so good either, and their combination that we see today is even worse (subsidies and cheap credit for the rich, burdensome regulations for the small entrepreneurs, and poorer part of population paying more taxes than richer part). History is witness to the fact that many things are too inefficiently and insensitively done by putting governments in charge of everything. Taxing our way out of problems has not really worked out as theorized, because it assumes that those collecting the taxes are Gods or Angels.

In the case of India, recollect the various reportings of massive funds collected by the government for clean energy, environmental work etc lying unspent for long time, and/or redirected into something else totally (like GST reimbursements recently)

In a research project on Pune's Budget data, we found that a large part of expenditures being done under some green label turned out to be unsustainable things like cementing the banks of rivers, streams, canals : a move that kills biodiversity, prevents water retention, increases runoff and leads to floods. Rather, our team felt that if those funds had been directly given to local citizens bodies who actually live there, they would have taken far better decisions and promoted sustainability.

Another problem with taxing essentials (as of today) like electricity and petrol is that you end up burdening everybody, and the people living more sustainably are far more burdened than the people living unsustainably. There is a compounding effect on costs of living. Raising a rupee here will have a 10-fold impact elsewhere.

Another major effect of taxation is a reduced sense of responsibilty. Because I am already being taxed "for sustainability", I will opt for styrofoam or plastic plates etc to cut costs. If I'm paying a swachh bharat cess then I don't care about segregating my waste. My sense of civic duty towards a cause is reduced when you're already pulling money out of my pocket for that cause (and then ending up not doing much good as highlighted above). (Note: I'm just putting myself in the shoes of people around me here)

So, I would say that if we cannot guarantee proper accountability and transparency of our government (which, frankly, we cannot), then it is a bad idea to promote taxation of electricity, petrol and other such baseline things as a way to promote sustainablity. I fully support taxing jewellery (update : GST on diamonds slashed to 0.25%, on biofuel buses to 18%. See the priorities of our leaders? ), imported cars, liquor, cigarettes and stuff through the roof, sure, but let's call it "duty" or "tariff" and not call them taxes. There are more chances of citizens voluntarily putting money into sustainability causes if it stays in their pockets instead of being fleeced out by overbearing governments. Between placing my faith in citizens or government, I choose citizens. I'd rather have folks like Azim Premji creating places like APU than getting taxed out only to fund river cementing :P

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

How to tackle the bad consequences of noble intentions

Sharing an opinion / inference of mine regarding the question of what is it that makes things like this happen:

Here's my take.

Evil cannot accomplish these things. To accomplish things like these, you need to be two things:

1. Full of noble intentions.

2. Convinced that you, more than anyone else, know what is the right thing to do.

So following up on that, if you were to ask me what is the antidote, here's what I'll say :

1. Dump the noble intentions thing. Just stop using it as a metric for measurement.

2. Avoid like the plague, people who are convinced that they know what is the right thing to do. Instead, have room for doubt, feedback, multiple minds.

And then, to all the people who want to do something about these things, here's some unsolicited advice:

1. Don't accuse them of being evil or having bad intentions. You'll be barking up the wrong tree, and will make their noble intentions feel braver under fire.

2. Look up to folks who value feedback and who want to give more power to mechanisms that enable actual stakeholders to fix things by themselves. Rather than looking up to folks who say that they know how to fix everything.

an experience of the Learning Societies UnConference, December 2017

Reposting a testimonial about the Learning Societies UnConference, December 2017 posted by one of the attendees:

Dear LSuC Family,

i'd been to a couple of LSuCs in the past, so kind of knew what to expect. But this time was different for me as i came in as a tentative and slightly tense, temporarily full-time, single parent to 2 kids for 5 days. Yes, i've engaged with all the various ideologies and approaches to learning over the years, worked extensively with children and youth in my professional capacity and done a lot of back-seat driving on parenting the kids in my family and friends' circles, but this was my first hands-on 24*7 living experience, 5 days exclusively with my 13 year old nephew and 11 year old niece, who i normally meet for just about a week during family vacations each year. When i hesitatingly proposed to them, spending a week of their winter vacations alone with me at the LSuC, they trusted in me and readily said 'yes', much to my surprise, and i trusted the larger community and immediately sent in our registration. And then followed all the hard work of getting the others on board, adjusting the dates and other schedules, getting their complicated and extended travel organised, with a lot of sustained effort on my sister's part to eventually make it happen.

Despite all my pre-conceptions and latent concerns about how children who've grown up in the cut-throat competitive environment of the 'maximum' city, and used to a comfortable and protected way of life, would cope in an 'alternative', 'minimalist' setup, and how a space strongly rooted in 'decolonisation' and 'unschooling' would welcome 'city-bred' children studying in 'mainstream' schools, i took the plunge and trusted the universe that we would all emerge wiser at the end of it.

The only thing that gave me the confidence was the trust that there is a larger family to hold and support us, to help us learn and grow with us, and that's exactly how it was. We felt really held, and loved and cared for in every way over the 5 days! The kids instantly took to the space like fish to water, forged great friendships with people who initially seemed 'a bit different', extended the circle of trust to all the people and the process and the place, suspended all inhibitions about getting out of their comfort zones and getting their hands dirty (quite literally!), found the perfect playground for their incessant questions and unique explorations, and happily disappeared into the dust and crowds and vastness of the nature-endowed campus... leaving me pinching myself to see if it was real ... only to be reassured by a glimpse of their excited, joyful faces occasionally at meal times.

And even as the magical 5 days came to a close, we are carrying huge chunks of the LSuC magic back with us in the form of conversations, reflections, anecdotes, insights, dances, jokes, hugs, songs, games, photos, memorabilia (including the precious TUCs!) ,and a whole host of lovely friends from different corners of the country and world who had become family in those 5 days. And to top all of this, the anxious aunt in me was replaced by a special friend, co-learner and companion to two amazingly beautiful children, and hopefully to many others as well.

It is with tremendous gratitude and love that i am writing to thank each one of you for making space for us in the LSuC, and in your hearts.... and i'm inviting all of us to extend the LSuC into our lives, welcoming the free spirited child in all of us, beyond labels of 'schooled', 'unschooled', 'colonised', 'decolonised', 'alternative', 'mainstream',... because as Manish beautifully put it, it is with 'many streams' flowing that the rich diversity of flora and fauna truly flourish.

It's been a really beautiful closure to 2017 and wonderful start to 2018 for me. [..]

Best wishes,

Monday, January 8, 2018

#PositiveIndia pledge on voting

I hereby pledgeto make #PositiveIndia by not voting for any party that runs on black money, which accepts money from crony capitalists in exchange of extrajudicial favours like unrepayable loans from taxpayer-backed national banks, which makes its own leaders' children exponentially rich, which refuses to use VVPATs for the purpose for which they were invented, or which gives safe harbour to goons, murderers and rapists.

Big thanks to PM Modi for starting the #PositiveIndia campaign!


Saturday, January 6, 2018

What I mean by SJWs #FreeCountDankula

Hi friends,

If you have any confusions regarding what this whole SJW (Social
Justice Warrior) stuff that I keep critiquing actually means, look no
further. Go through this and I promise you you'll have a proper grip
on the whole thing.

Let's start with what I came across first:
NAZI DOG COURT VERDICT pt1 -Lauren Southern, 2018-01-05
Nazi Pug Trial PT2 -Lauren Southern, 2018-01-05

My comment at the first vid:
Scotland is jailing a man for teaching his dog a funny trick. (and if
you think it's not funny, then you must have absolutely hated Eurotrip
and that Charlie Chaplin movie and everything in between)
In all these SJW cases, the sheer absence of the value of FORGIVENESS;
the inability to forgive a slight or to let things go, really stands
out as a repeating pattern. So what if you think you're right; who the
bloody hell told you you can live out your entire life without having
to forgive anybody? It's because they're no longer seeing reality;
because everything is just a symbol of some or the other injustice or
patriarchy or whatever to these people. The cake is a symbol, the dog
is a symbol, the cartoon frog is a symbol, everything is a symbol to
these people. They've lost all sense of reality. #FreeCountDankula
Free Count Dankula! -Ogre, 2018-01-05

Here are two videos from the guy at the centre of this controversy,
Count Dankula himself:
Nazi Pug : Update #1 -Count Dankula, 2016-07-21
Nazi Pug : Update #3 -Count Dankula, 2017-03-09

>> They are ruining a perfectly nice bloke's entire life. It's for real. And they're not stopping or realizing what they're doing... look at Lauren Souther's videos linked above to know what's happening in the courtroom.

Tweet by Count Dankula :

One reply there: "Nazis banned mocking them. Now eccentric liberals
are persecuting just like the regime would have."

Another reply : "The most aggravating thing here is being a jew and
see it being done in your name.#freecountdankula #freepewdipie
#learntotakeafreakingjoke "

Article explaining the case and why "hate speech" laws are a bad idea:

>> Disclosure : As recent as 2012, I was this SJW myself (parts of it still lingering about.. old habits die hard). This inability to let things be, to forgive or to understand even, was my thing. I was totally ON the high horse. It's only because of some amazing people who came into my life (plug for: ) and showed me the mirror that I realized what an idiot I was being, how at the end of it all I was only screwing my own causes and making myself unnecessarily miserable. I'm especially thankful for all the people who saw the humour in my antics and had a good laugh off it. That really sent me into cognitive dissonance and made me question my certainties. And now I'm seeing people from my generation, just like myself, actually wrecking people's lives, ending all freedom of speech under the excuse of protecting "vulnerable" minds from "hate speech", turning the western world into police states and the damage is spreading everywhere with the profiteering social media giants deploying the same censorship mechanisms to aid dictatorial right-wing governments too (ironic seeing who campaigned to install them). We're screwing everyone with this urge to protect. That's what I mean by SJWs and why I criticise them so. They're paving the road to hell with their good intentions and if nothing else I'm at least going to laugh at them. Tyrants need to be laughed at.

PS: No you lazy-brain, this one case isn't what the Entire SJW thing
is about. It's one real-world, in-your-face example. There's SOOO many
cases across the spectrum, try seeing my monthly interesting links
posts to get a hold of them.

PPS: "Why isn't Huffpost or The Guardian or any mainstream, "socially
acceptable" outlet covering this or showing me this angle to the
topic? Why are they writing so much negative about these people but
never actually bringing the counter perspectives on board? Why will
Guardian never interview Lauren Southern despite having done hit
pieces on her?" >> Because they're FULL OF SJWs my dear. Welcome to
the real world!

One more, for the SJW readers : "Oh so you mean you support so and so
racist things?" >> Thank you for your binary thinking. Since your mom
was right about a few things, that must automatically make your dad
wrong about everything, right? Learn some nuance, dear. Reality may be
a little more complex than what the one-dimensional worldview tells

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Interesting Links for December 2017

In this month (Dec'17) I came across two amazing sources for ALTERNATIVE Indian news commentary:

I'm seeing some hallmarks of good journalism here : stringing together news stories from different time periods, to quote proper published facts and stories of the mainstream media to counter their own present day narratives. Great use of images, screenshots of news articles to drive in the point.

Janta Ka Reporter:

And these guys who I already knew, have done some amazing exposes that mainstream media was too afraid to touch:

The Wire

For all who want to see the stranglehold of the biased corporate owned and black money political party controlled media loosen its grip on India, I suggest you give as much power as possible to alternative news media.

Note : Only dead people and nonliving things are "unbiased". Treat any news source claiming to be unbiased with extreme caution. Better to know the biases the other side has in advance, in a transparent manner. And for controversial things, you can only get to the facts through looking at multiple opinions on the same thing. So to readers, my advice : stop being lazy and start using your head, especially your memory to string together different events across time spans.

Alright let's begin the rundown for Interesting Links for December 2017 :

Friday, December 29, 2017

Leadership might not be as bad as I'd assumed; leaderless not as good #AAP

This is an update on my evolving views on leaderless vs leader'ed movements.

I think [the] desire to see a leaderless movement is one of our follies and speaks about our ideological biases. I don't think there's been any such thing at a "let's change the government" scale and frankly I'd be skeptical if there were, as we wouldn't know exactly who is lurking in the shadows pulling the strings and where it might be led to. Rather, it's the harmful movements like the rise of fiat currency, factory education, rapacious industrialization, crony capitalism, caste system, patriarchy and such that seem to be following the "no one leader" pattern more. In a genuine movement somebody's gotta do the work and individual accountability has value; a movement without clear individual leaders is a movement that won't take any responsibility when it does something wrong.

This came as my comment on a thread here:
Hi this is Vinay & Khushboo, the directors of "An Insignificant Man". Ask us anything!

Do check it out, its a treat for budding documentary film makers as some very intricate details of their experiences have been openly shared here.

I'll add to this : In a real movement, one that arises organically, there will be people who really get in the thick of things and there will be people who don't get so involved, for all sorts of completely plausible reasons ranging from skills matching to having cancer patients at home to care for. There is asymmetry in involvement and that is natural. And there are practical, real life requirements like naming the contact person, defining whose account is to be used, who'll be the spokesperson that the media can invite, etc. And if we follow through with the power=responsibility equation then the reverse also needs to be true. Those who take more responsibility must be accorded more power. Else you leave the movement / initiative open to hijacking by disadvantage-takers. And note: there will ALWAYS be disadvantage-takers, even subconscious ones. 

And I say all this along with a self admission : I have been involved in organizing some small events etc where we said it's leaderless, we're all volunteers, etc.. I now see that I wasn't being genuine. Of course there were leaders, and that reality came up whenever a problem or a significant question came up. The people who KNEW how to tackle it, were the leaders. Leadership roles can be fluid, with different people stepping in and out over time, but there definitely was leadership. And my insistence that it was leaderless etc, apart from trying to make a noble impression, only ended up causing confusion through lack of accountability. If there were "just volunteers" then hell yeah there was a "core organising team" directing the volunteers. There was NO problem in having a leader'ed structure and I now feel that I wasted time and efficiency by stating that it was leaderless. And the biggest consequence of the leaderless-ness claim? No one to take things forward, everyone waiting for someone else to take the lead! If I had a penny for each time I've seen that happen, well, I'd have a nice penny collection.

So all this makes me pose the question : Is there anything natural about a leaderless people's movement that we so idealize and idolize? Or does it fall in the same pantheon as the perfect husband / wife, the perfect boss, the perfect job, the perfect kids.. you get my drift?

Ok, this just came out and I think it's significant :

My updated take on the AK Vs YY-PB split in AAP :

I believe the AAP breakup, the expulsion of YY and PB and many AAP supporters leaving with them was regarding what I've written above. From various testimonies I saw during that whole messy divorce proceeding, it seems this fracture had some history: there had previously been multiple instances by YY or PB or both threatening to leave if so and so decision wasn't taken. In fact, the decision to contest the 2014 Lok Sabha elections is widely credited to have been done on their behest while AK was squarely against it.

Observe then that the blame (real or imagined) for the 2014 debacle was laid squarely at AK's feet : the one guy who hadn't been for it in the first place. The power=responsibility equation was thus violated. His own strength area of Delhi's CM-ship was laid open to elimination because of it. Even the incident of AK being thrown into jail happened on PB's insistence. Honestly, they could have just coughed up that illegitimate bond amount or whatever and moved along for the larger battle: there was no need to get nit-picking given the larger situation at the time. AK has thus repeatedly gone along with YY and PB and done their bidding, and every time he has had to bear the brunt when things failed. 

And then from ground experiences of people who had been there, it was also evident that YY simply wasn't as invested in the second Delhi state campaign as AK was. Post the victory, the complaining about there being no democracy in AAP started at a time when AK was out of Delhi for a few days, receiving naturopathy treatment for his chronic cough. It came up without even giving the newly formed Delhi State government its first 100 days of formative period. This is a most crucial period for any new government, and YY of all people would have surely known this. For me this was a major sign of disrespect for all the hard work done for the dramatic and still unbelievable turnaround in AAP's fortunes, and also a sheer absence of apology or shame on YY or PB's part for the earlier losses which they shared a big chunk of responsibility for and which had nearly sunk AAP. 

And don't tell me you haven't seen this situation happen in family, social or office circles : someone does most of the work and someone else who you know isn't really doing as much, is the first to complain about not being included and there being no democracy. Or, someone else who wasn't actually doing the core work, goes riding high and screws the whole thing. This is "indulging in petty politics" 101 my dear, we have all seen it! Also note that there's usually a big difference in the eloquent-ness : some people simply have a better way with words than others; doesn't always mean they're right. Ring any bells? In a corporate setup the behaviours YY and PB exhibited along with their objective track record (2014 general elections) would have been reason enough to demand a formal resignation. 

From all this, I can only say that if I had been in AK's place I'd have tossed these two out the very first time they had threatened to leave if things didn't go as they said. That's blackmail and it has no place in a movement or a democracy. It also goes into ideological roots, and may well be the core reason why the folks in the NGO sector seem to me to favour YY more than AK : AK is more free market oriented and YY is more socialism oriented. Perhaps there too lie the leadership differences : one takes ownership for being the man in the arena, while the other prefers to keep it a group thing, calling it leaderless, while at the same time not being able to resist wanting to drive the agenda. And as for PB.. well, nit-pickers are great for some things and bad for others. He's amazing in court and in all those PILs, I hope he continues where his core strengths lie. 

The 2014 elections, all those wonderful human beings across the nation emerging as actual electoral options, the very exposure to the possibility that you can have a political party that doesn't harbour criminals and isn't in nexus with the elites, the putting forward of the most radical governance transformation proposal that this planet has seen (decentralisation of powers to mohalla sabhas operating on direct democracy models): DID do a lot of good as well, and I see the value in YY and PB's push for it (while still maintaining that they should have lived up to their leaderless principles and not propped AK up as the reluctant frontman, should have gotten out of group think, taken personal responsibility and stepped down in mid-2014 and THEN gone ahead to form the Swaraj party as a national-level version of AAP.. heck for all I know perhaps they actually considered this and were prevented by others doing group-think): whatever happened, it's for the best, and let's see now how to move forward.

PS: I'm a nerd sitting in Pune and don't really have much ground exposure. This is just my take and there's probably a million other fact-pieces I hve no clue of that I'd be grateful to have put in the comments section here so I can learn more and evolve my understanding further.

An Insignicant Man's directors doing QnA on reddit

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Citizens meetings in Pune on plastic bags ban, reusing cloth bags etc

Can plastic bags be recycled sustainably? Notes from the third citizens meeting on Plastic Bag Ban

>> these meetings are being hosted by EcoExist. Great stuff going on, do connect. The linked page has FB pages and other things to follow up on. Press subscribe on top left to get in the loop.

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White Zimbabwean farmer returns to seized land
Ululations, tears as white Zimbabwean farmer returns to seized land

I love this article and the video in it, because it totally goes against the "all white people are evil" and "colonialism is to blame for everything" narrative that plagues the NGO, intellectual (read: social sciences or journalism or policial science majors) and "liberal" circles these days (quotes because that's what they call themselves; I don't think that's what they truly are). 

Why in the world are those black people loving that white guy so much? Oh no, is it because they value things other than race? Might it be because they're not racist and would rather, in Martin Luther King's words, judge people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin? But heck, your liberal friend will just tell you it's Stockholm Syndrome and move on with yelling "death to all white people" while carrying their "no more hate" placard.

Zimbabwe's brutal dictator Robert Mugabe after causing hyperinflation, prosecuting journalists and doing all sorts of crappy things, did for political score-points what practically every liberal arts professor has been advocating since decades : forced land reform, taking away ownership rights of white farmers whose predecessors had taken control of vast lands during colonial times and started farming, with the intention of "giving it back to the people". 

And the result? Corrupt elements who had influence in the corrupt government and in no way represented the best interests "of the people" living there moved in and took control, and started actually treating their own fellow black people there as slaves, plus they didn't KNOW anything about how to manage the farms. Zimbabwe's farming sector crashed. This article shows a start of a reversal of that policy (which I'm sure most academics are going to decry as a step backwards) after Zimbabwe have removed their brutal dictator Mugabe.

I find the "returning it to the people" part has played out, in Zimbabwe's case, exactly as Jon Rappoport predicted in this piece:
Rising up against the Oligarchs does not equal socialism - by Jon Rappoport

It also reminds me of Venezuela's experiences.

So it gives much food for thought, especially for someone who's been intellectually raised on "capitalism is evil, socialism is wonderful" narratives. By no means is the binary opposite valid either, and hey, I've never been a fan of binary defaults, FYI.

And for those who are saying "but how else can we do land reform? It's so unequal right now!", kindly allow me to point you to the BHOODAN MOVEMENT. Go look it up. There's a reason why capitalists and socialists both have tried sure to delete its exploration from our history books.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

A commentary on the censorship regimes brought in to "combat hate"

Trying to lay this out straight.

1. We know of the tactic of a government diverting all attention to a foreign country, continuously blaming some foreign hostile power for being responsible for our problems.

2. But what if your country's mainstream media which is owned by a handful of corporate owners enmeshed with the military-industrial complex is the one doing this, doing it incessantly, and saying that even your elected government is merely an agent of that evil foreign power?

3. So if your head-of-state was saying "it's the Russians!" the entire time, you wouldn't buy it. You'd say "McCarthyism!". But if it's the TV journos on CNN, MSNBC etc and the folks of NYTimes, Washington Post or the wonderful folks of Huffington Post etc saying "it's the Russians!" the entire time, why would you buy that? Because it fits the narrative that your current President is "literally Hitler" ?

4. We then go on to paint anyone who is even vaguely supporting the side we hate, as a Russian Agent.

5. Meanwhile the mainstream media loudly protests and "publicly pressures" the dominant social media platforms : Twitter, Youtube, Facebook : to clamp down on this "Russian Propaganda" and loosely defined "hate speech" and "fake news" (aka, everything that CNN's Cooper or Lemon says is fake is henceforth Fake News, as dictated by your TV Gods who were telling you to go bomb everyone just a few Moons ago). So busy we are with the fear of the "hate" that we fail to notice that the multi-billion-dollar mainstream media companies are basically demanding for institutional censorship of their competition : The several low-budget, audience-contribution-run or T-shirt-sales-run or herbal-products-funded independent media outlets that for some uncanny reason are all objecting to the status quo. (Hmm, I wonder why...)

6. On cue, as if they've been waiting for someone to make it publicly acceptable this entire time, the tech companies install a slew of mechanisms into their entire content management infrastructure that will let them arbitrarily and without any public transparency whatsoever censor, delete, restrict, ban anything they deem unworthy. At the senate hearings, they boast about how they manually went in and erased out several most-shared news items over lunch. They re-assure the mainstream media and the liberals: "Don't worry, we've got your backs! We are your loyal allies in this Holy fight against Literally Hitler!"

7. And then we go a step further. We bucket in even the voices that have been Anti-Trump this entire time, as Russian Agents. And here we get a peek at the cards : The agenda was not really to go after the rabid supporters of "literally Hitler" : that was the ruse. It was to destroy anyone who says anything against the Mainstream Media's narrative.

8. This is where the hit pieces and censorship tactics on comedian and journalist Lee Camp, of the show Redacted Tonight, stand out as abnormal highlighters. Lee Camp has ALWAYS been anti-Trump. But he made the mistake of not being pro-Hillary either. Oh and he also called out the mainstream media's Russia hysteria. Oh dear, a non-binary gendered, sorry, opinioned, journalist? Blasphemy!
Lee Camp: How To Create NPR's Propaganda – As Seen In a Hit Piece Against Me
Lee Camp: How to Write Propaganda for the NY Times—As Demonstrated in an Article About Me

9. The Americans' belief that they live on another planet than the rest of the world comes to life with the social media giants' censorship mechanisms. Brought in to the roar of applause by the Liberals, the Leftists, the Progressives, the SJWs (please decide on one name already, ppl.. ok, the anti-Trumpers), these companies are then going on to use those same mechanisms to help other countries' rulers clamp down on dissent. 

10. Case in point : When Google banned its ads and thus took away the operating revenues of the independent Indian media site JantaKaReporter, which was pretty much the only platform with any kind of popularity that asked the most difficult questions and brought out info on serious potential scams about the present ruling party and allies. The timing was perfect, and the reasons given were as pathetic as the reasons given back in the US for censoring all the independent (sorry, "Hate Speech" ) voices there, with ZERO pathways for appealing or disproving the complaints against them. And with Google being a foreign company here in India, JantaKaReporter doesn't even have any legal recourse through elected representatives or Indian courts. We're just getting started here : expect more internet censorship coming soon! And do note that Google has assisted a right-wing side in India to clamp down on left-wing voices. (does the story of Frankenstein ring any bells?)

11. Oh, and don't tell me you didn't notice how social media giants successfully intervened in the French and German national elections, thickly censoring and in some cases even helping the incumbent authorities imprison voices that were campaigning against the incumbent ruling elites. Sure sure, it was all done under the garb of "preventing hate speech". When has a noble excuse not been used to carry out anti-democratic acts? So much for folks reprimanding foreign entities for interfering in a sovereign nation's election : when it happens for real, you applaud it just because they pretend to be on your side! And I also noticed how the police forces in the UK, Ireland and elsewhere have now declared they'll arrest people for things they tweet. UK also has passed laws mandating ISPs to share everybody's internet histories with the government. Way to go, GestapEU! We didn't know you knocked down the Berlin wall only to extend it to cover all of Europe!

12. The corporates owning the mainstream media can laugh their way to the bank, knowing that the only competition that threatened their dominance and profits : independent media voices that were spreading via social media, now have the playing field institutionally tilted against them, and what's more, they got the "pro-democracy" and "no more hate" and "resist fascism" folks to do the dirty job for them.

13. To summarize, the people self-declaring to be standing up for freedom and liberty and all have, via the fear of Literally Hitler trumped up (excuse the pun) by the mainstream media, been hoodwinked into demanding and bringing about the biggest and most arbitrary global censorship regime in recorded human history. The so-called anti-fascists have made it incredibly easy for real fascists everywhere to take over. If humanity ever manages to break through these shackles, it'll be despite these well-meaning folks, not because of them.

14. Moral of the story? Noble intentions with a sprinkling of fear make excellent paving blocks for the road to hell.

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Who is Jordan Peterson and why do people hate him so much?

youtube link:

Whether Jordan Peterson is a hate figure or not, the people hating him definitely are showing themselves as haters.

So let's see.. all of this hatred and vitriol because he said "I'm going to stick to using he or she when using a pronoun for an individual, thank you very much".

Man, this is retarded. So let me offend these offended people a little bit more.

Dear SJWs, not that I had any dog in this fight earlier, but just to piss you off,

I hereby declare that even I will stick to using he or she when using a pronoun for an individual.

That too, I will even sometimes make mistakes and say "he" instead of  "she" or "she" instead of "he". And it will be all right, because, in case you didn't notice..


Anyways, looking at the protest side of this video...
It highlights the problem I have always had with protests / rallies about things that aren't immediately about some life or death thing, why I cringe about the very limited experience I've had of them. We shout. We chant. We repeat. It's a one way thing. We're not in conversation with anyone. There's little to no usage of brain happening. The loud noise drowns out any conversation.

In contrast, I remember attending this silent protest where we all put tapes over our mouths. I just felt like so much more was conveyed that day.

I'm sure there are good protests too. But I'm wondering if all protests are good protests.

I look at the talks, speeches by Milo from college to college. I found those much better than just doing marches.

Edit: I found another video that brings Jordan Peterson's best bits together... wow, now I really know why Bernie Sanders fans, sociology types liberal arts types folks hate him so much.. he questions the basic premises behind the SJWs, the drive towards socialist utopia etc.

Youtube link:

Fwd: How much do doctors in India make?

Forwarded as Received.. from a whatsapp friend. I found this very informative, and from the information, comes deeper understanding and empathy.

How much a doctor earn in India? ....
This is a very complex question. So a detailed answer.

There are few high flying doctors in India who are superstars like Amir, Shahrukh and Akshay, who earn loads of money, but majority of the doctors working in corporate hospitals are like the background dancers dancing along with the superstars doing 'thatha thiyaa' and earning a fixed salary usually between 75000 to 1.5 lakhs post tax.

In some hospitals the income is shared in the department. The big Boss takes 60 to 80 percent, the next senior takes 20 to 40 percent and the remaining doctors have to be satisfied with the bread crumbs. But remember that the superstars or big boss would have worked their ass off for decades to reach that level.

Sometimes the big doctors won't allow junior talent to enter the hospital or rise up because of fear of competition.

Corporate hospitals are run by businessmen and MBAs. They are listed on the stock markets and are there to make money for their share holders. It is rare to see a CEO of a corporate hospital staying there for more than a couple of years as they are under constant pressure to generate profits.

Just like engineering colleges are mushrooming there has been an increase in post graduate doctors passing out. This benefits corporate hospitals as they are able to get labour at cheaper price, instead of employing 1 surgeon for 3 lakhs they can employ 3 for 1 lakh, the supply is exceeding the demand. Majority of corporate hospitals in cities are saturated.

Government hospital

Central government pay scales for doctors are similar to what a class 1 officer or teacher in IIT or NIT will earn. You can be a top class neurosurgeon or a mediocre physician or a pharmacologist your salary will be same. No private practice is allowed. Usually doctors interested in academics and research take up these jobs.

State government. Some allow private practice others don't. Salaries are low in states were private practise is allowed. In Tamilnadu an assistant surgeon is paid about Rs 40000 a month. If you have a busy private practice you would generally resign your state government job and focus on private practice.

Trust hospitals

These are charitable hospitals and the pay scales of doctors here are usually very less. Doctors work here because they love what they are doing, most leave after few years when the realities of life strikes them and they find it difficult to provide for their families.

Private practice

This is a different ball game. You can open a small one room clinic and see few patients a day and earn about 50000 Rs a month or you can have your own hospital with beds and provide employment to others. This needs lot of investment and is beyond the means of most doctors. The khandhani doctors or doctors whose previous generations have been doctors usually have a preset clinic or if your parents are already wealthy (usually business) then it is easy to setup a hospital. But the profit margins I guess would be in the order of 10 to 15 percent like any other business.

Then there are the free lancers who work in multiple hospitals. Traveling lots of Km daily from morning to late night in the heavy traffic to see patients and earn money. I doubt it if they have a life. I don't know how much they earn.

To sum it up. My assessment is that the doctors earn the following

Up to age of 23: pocket money from parents

Internship: Rs 3500 to 20000 pm (depends on where you do your internship)

25- early 30s: Rs 15000-80000 pm (depends on where you do your PG). Does not include tuition fees which even in government hospitals can go up to Rs 3-5 lakhs a year.

1-3 years of unemployment in between preparing for PG seat. You are dependent on your parents or spouse for money.

35 and above: Rs 75000 to 2 lakhs pm, that is what most doctors earn post tax. Few earn about 3 to 5 lakhs or above but they are in the tail end of the standard curve.

As you see that doctors start earning a decent salary only in their 30s, a good decade after other professionals.

The brightest, smartest and most hardworking student in the class takes up medicine in India. The same person in an another profession would have earned much more for the time and effort he puts in Medical profession. When he/she sees his/her classmates who idolized him/her earn more than him/her and having a better standard of life it pricks him in the corner of the heart, he/she is human after all and not a saint.

Don't look at the outliers who earn outrageously, they don't represent the life of an average doctor. Just like all lawyers are not Jethalmani, Sibal or Salve, all doctors are not crorepatis.

Remember as a doctor you are on call 24x7, there is no overtime pay, there is no risk allowance, there is no off for working on holidays. You don't get free food in the hospitals or sodexo coupons. Many times you can't afford the treatment you are giving to your patients. The corporate hospital you work in will not give you free treatment if you or your family members fall sick. You get only 2 weeks paid leave in a corporate hospitals and work week is from Monday to Saturday and not Friday.

DON'T JOIN MEDICINE, IF YOU WANT TO EARN MONEY. There are easier and less stressful ways to do it. Doctors in India deserve to be paid better. Those who earn well, rarely get to enjoy the money they earn. It is usually the kids and spouse who benefit from what you earn.

Most doctors have zero knowledge of finance, investment, stocks and mutual funds because they have no money for the first 10 to 15 years of life to invest. After that they use the money which comes to buy the necessary luxuries of life like car and house (on EMI) and then you feel it is too late to invest.

My dear colleagues please correct me if my figures are wrong. I have never worked in a corporate hospital, I have based it on my interactions with friends working in corporate hospitals.

To my non medical friends this post is not about corruption in medicine or the unethical practise being done by few doctors, that is a matter of discussion in a different answer. This post is about how a ethical, law abiding, tax paying doctor earns money.

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Twitter begins implementing China-style guilty-by-association censorship rules

tomoro twitter implements new rules, which some are calling "the purge". notably, they're banning users affiliated w/ orgs that promote violence—both on and offline. 

>> Why this should concern you if you don't identify as anything near to alt-right or hate-speecher : The subjective, zero-evidence-needed censorship regimes brought on by social media platforms at the behest of the western liberals who want to stop Trump supporters and "alt-right" from gaining ground, are being used by these companies to scuttle dissent in countries around the world. FB censored Malta's anti-corruption journalist associated with Panama Papers, and helped Pakistan to execute atheists. Google suspended their ads on JantaKaReporter. Twitter will use this policy change to suspend all accounts that Govt of India deems as promoting anti-national thoughts. And that includes anyone who dares to speak out against Aadhar, EVMs, to question our PM, etc. Once you start down the road of equating speech with violence, totalitarians get all the excuses they needed.

Thanks a lot, #SJWs .

My take on the disruption at NVC Convention Pune Sep 2017

Hi readers, you're in for a treat : finally you get to read about something that I experienced in-the-flesh rather than another birds-eye-commentary on things far far away. This is a branch-off from another post:

Commentary on going overboard with Big Sister protectionism: Laurier case I realized this merits its own post. Still, I will recommend to readers (especially those who were present at the mentioned incident) to fully read the post linked above and watch the videos, as it has so many parallels which led me to write about it there, and it has my conceptual inferences : a birds-eye take that connects the dots. on this.

And, while it's infantile towards most readers to say this is only my personal take and there may be many more takes amongst the other 100-odd people who were there, it being so obvious since your're reading this on a bloody personal blog, I guess it still needs to be stated for the benefit of some readers who may well be infantile enough not to know that from the beginning. Ok, enough with the pre-work. Jumping in:

Disclosure: I've been avoiding putting this out there but heck that's
only causing me to try sneaking it in elsewhere, so might as well
state it. I'm relating with the above stuff because of my looking back
on and analyzing what I saw happening in the closing days of a
convention on Non-Violent Communication that happened near Pune, India
in September 2017. While I commend the organisers in their handling of
the situation, I feel one crucial factor everyone missed is the
self-responsibility part. By not expecting that of a few very upset
people, a lot of bad things happened, and a small handful of
symbolism-internalizing fully-triggered complainers were given free
license to disrupt over 100 really nice people's learning process for
which they had put in serious money and time and effort. Those who
objected to this disruption or even who got disconnected and quietly
walked out to get away from where they didn't consent to be, were
publicly judged as evil by the complainers (that should have been
identified by the organisers as the red flag that these people don't
really know their shit and shouldn't be egged on more!). I guess I
will be judged as evil too once I share this post with that community. Oh well, better to be an asshole in the view of assholes.

One more guideline about NVC shared by the trainers that got completely flouted: When giving empathy, acknowledge the feelings but do NOT acknowledge or in any way give legitimacy to the judgements of the hurt person. Because it may very well be flawed internal judgements that may be the culprit and not completely external forces. While the matter started with one person going into a total injustice perception, it spiralled out of control because the friend supposed to be giving her empathy, ended up pouring fuel over the fire and got triggered herself. And it was this "empathizer" who then went on to make it a humungous issue and got the proceedings interrupted for everyone, who actually did that thing I have mentioned below of judging everyone who didn't want to attend the damnation fest. If one of the 70-odd other women at the convention had been in that "empathizer"s place then this whole thing would have been resolved in a much better way. This led me to another inference : BFFs make poor empathy buddies. You need some kind of separation so you don't go in already biased.

Anyways the outcome of that incident was the same that we see across
all SJW incidents : Extreme demands for censorship and increased Big
Sister monitoring which obviously requires erasure of all autonomy and
freedom to be implemented and which I foresee will simply not be
sustainable for the NVC Community because it's going to cost way more
(interventionism is expensive!) than anyone is willing to pay. And at
the end of it, after the whole convention having people from multiple
nations had given them two full days to hear them out and given them
more acceptance than any rational person could have, they were STILL
complaining that they weren't given enough time, that they were still
feeling oppressed and that this was an example of oppression of women

I didn't see any gratitude on their part, and I also witnessed them
being non-genuine at various stages. Like being on board with a
translation decision in the morning and then complaining about it in
the evening and making it look like an act of injustice done by the
organizers. Like when they first insisted that this was about a
specific incident when offered (and they refused) a session on general gender issues and
later when the organizers brought in the full apology from the prime
accused and resolved many things about the specific incident, they
insisted that this wasn't about the specific incident but an issue
affecting all women (and they claimed to represent all women when we
must have had well over a dozen women right there who were simply not
on board with what they were alleging). There were several signs that
we were addressing irrational expectations (which have no limit)
disguised as unmet needs, and I felt that the trainers and the
organizers failed at noticing this little difference. And for all their talk about
gender equality, the complainers ended up basically demanding to make
it structurally impossible for men to be NVC trainers. I believe their recommendations have now been forwarded to the international body and there is a perception that "it has come from the NVC community in India, with many nationalities present" whereas in true socialism style it's just a shrill few doing it in the name of a silent and criminal-if-they-object-so-better-keep-quiet majority.

Clarification : I have no desire whatsoever to become one of these NVC trainers, so am not bitching about that, if that's the way some folks will want to spin this. I got no dog in this fight; I only attended the event on some friends' recco and only wanted to see what they got. While I find their work useful for applying at many places, I'll simply prefer letting others do the teaching the same way some people prefer letting someone else do the plumbing. I think they're on the right track but have some way to go still, esp in relation to what happened : They presently don't have an effective way of dealing with people who hijack their own language while ignoring the self-responsibility part. Basically they presently can't handle SJWs, IMHO. 

But the guy who got screwed over in this particular incident.. a popular NVC trainer in the community and whose sessions were a hit: is a great guy, is G.O.O.D at teaching NVC, was especially great at making men and the participants with very little NVC experience understand it (my buddy group had a Nepali and a Bangladeshi woman and they both loved him to bits), and was treated totally unfairly by overly triggered femi-nazis, and other people, people who have extensively worked with him and know him better, should have had his back but caved in and let it happen out of fear of being mis-labeled along with him. That too it happened in his absence in a way that he was powerless to do anything about, and I can bet that things would have gone in a completely different way had he been present and had a chance to fight the allegations contrived against him. "Hanged in the court of public opinion" is what I'll call it.

One more observation : There was a clear difference of opinions on the matter between older women and younger women, with a notable exception of one of the organisers who I'll say has won my respect for being able to see through the matter and not been ambivalent on it. She didn't have many friends among the other younger women though. Perhaps these different age groups of women ought to sit down sometime and talk to each other.

While there may be an air of seriousness about this in the mind of the reader, to me a whole lot of this was actually very funny. Especially the flip-flops there. I've found some excellent vids on the net that bring out the comedy in these matters, I'll encourage you to watch them. Like they say, the one thing every tyrant fears is the sound of people laughing.
Remy: Trigger (Thriller Parody) -ReasonTV, 2017-10-31
"Ain't No Rest for the Triggered" - Social Justice: The Musical -Chris Ray Gun, 2016-05-11

PS: SJWs : Social Justice Warriors. Look it up on that other post that this one branched from.

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Urgent: Bank accounts of many people being emptied via ghost withdrawals

Concerned Authorities,
Chairman and MD (HDFC Bank)

Dear Sir/Madam,

Subject: Bank accounts of many people being emptied via ghost withdrawals

I am an account holder at HDFC Bank, hence writing to you.

One friend of mine having a YES Bank account in Dehradun saw her account got emptied one morning 2 months ago via ATM transactions when the card was with her the whole time. And just today I saw a friend in Pune reporting her friend's two bank accounts in two different banks getting emptied in the same way. And she is finding there are many more people being robbed this way. Copying the messages from both my friends:

[A] Dehradun case:
On Oct 9th, an X amount was stolen from my YES BANK salary account, the details of which are here:

I was very upset and hence the partial rant. Anyway, after over 2 months, I received the amount on 11th of December, 2017, and this was after constant follow ups; it was quite stressful but it did pay off in the end. So, instead of sharing steps to follow nI would suggest you read the entire experience to understand the Dos and don'ts.

The turn of events, after filing a complaint:
1. After constant follow up, they realized that some forms had not been filled out so that was done.
2. I filed an FIR since earlier I had only made a complaint.
3. In order to initiate the refund process from New India Insurance, I was made to sign a document which said that the claim settlement has been made. Even though I was very skeptical of it, I did sign because there was no other option. I did on my receiving copy ensured that they write that it hasn't been settled yet.
4. I I followed up constantly (once a week, please don't pick a fight with your POC because that won't help).

Some things to remember:
1. File an First Information Report and not a complaint since you will need a copy of it for the insurance claim.
2. Carry a copy of your debit card, bank statement and ID proof along for filing an FIR.
3. Do not throw away your debit card. It will be destroyed in front of a bank official.
4. Do make sure to get in touch with the bank in order to get another debit card issued. You will have to do all of this by yourself.
5. Your formalities aren't completed unless you have signed some claim forms.
5. Do have patience and not pick a fight because people are more likely to help you then.


[B] Pune case(s)

Bank Fraud High Alert!

Some really disturbing news folks: A friend of mine just found that 50K from one of her accounts from one bank and another 20K from another bank account was withdrawn. She went to Bank and found another gentleman with same complaint. She then went to Police Station and she heard that some 700 or more people have complained of similar withdrawals. The Police are unwilling to file FIRs and Banks refusing to do anything without FIR. This happened today in Pune.

Unfortunately, the withdrawals happened in the night while she was sleeping and she got mobile alerts of five 10K withdrawals..She blocked her account in the morning. Soon she gets a notification from her other Bank account of withdrawal of 20K..She has blocked that account too..

I am naming the banks incase people want to check if they have accounts in these banks..Bank of Baroda and Axis Bank...


In all the cases, it is sickening to see that the first reaction of the police is to REFUSE to acknowledge that there has been a theft, to allege without any proof, to the citizen that they only must have withdrawn the money or been "careless" with their debit cards. Who gave the policemen at the police station the right to be judge, jury and prosecutioner? They should write the complaint as per their job, if it is frivolous it will be dismissed by due process. I have just been contacted by the lady written about above who got robbed of Rs.70k from her two bank accounts. Here is her whatsapp message:

"And the police ..banks..all seem to be enemies of humanity. 2 days one police station to other  to the banks... I would appreciate your support on this if possible".

So to my bank HDFC bank, please let it be clear that from now onwards I am monitoring my and my loved ones' accounts very closely, and should something like this happen with me or anyone I know, I will NOT quietly let this pass.

I got this message from my relative who is a senior bank manager:

"This is the card database that has been hacked. I have just guessed right now, as such cases have happen earlier also, that too with axis bank, many card data was compromised."

It seems that banks have committed severe neglect by not hotlisting and re-issuing ATM/Debit cards that they knew had been hacked.

With this, I earnestly appeal to HDFC bank to PROACTIVELY DISCLOSE if there has been ANY hacking of any of the customers' data, including any of MY data, and if so, to take precautionary measures immediately.

In the case of debit cards, it is a simple process to hot-list all the cards that have possibly been hacked and re-issue fresh debit cards. In any case, once this news gets out, you can expect customers to start doing this themselves. Might as well take advantage of the situation, score a customer-friendliness point over your competition by doing it first. People will move their money to HDFC. Any cost incurred is minuscule compared with one's bank accounts being emptied overnight!

PS: Friends looped in, kindly help take this matter at the right offices.


Nikhil Sheth
HDFC Bank account holder

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Rethinking Aadhar (it's a website!)

Here is a great website that has chronicled exactly what is the problem with the UID system quite well:

From the live cases we can get a deeper understanding of the matter.

If I look into this lady's eyes:

...then I simply cannot get myself to say, "Madam, we will give you your aadhar number and you should keep it a secret from everybody, or else you [effectively] die! Oh, and your (chuckle) fingerprints : the one thing you cannot rely on aside from your memory, will be the key to your survival!"

Instead I hear myself asking, "What have we done?" It's my generation, my friends and colleagues who did engineering, MBA, IAS and all who have brought this about while worshipping the technology God. The me of 5 years back was also fervently wanting this technocratic Utopia, I also fervently believed that ever more advanced technology will solve everything "one day".

A functioning and empowered Mohalla Sabha would never have let this sort of situation come to pass.

Mohalla Sabhas are the real solution. UID/Aadhar is the fake.

Plus: Check out : : Submit a petition to your Member of Parliament or service provider. It has all the details and the correct emails all laid out for you. Just select your MP / bank / mobile company and click ahead.

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